June 21, 2019

Our story

The Art Left Creative Communications

The Art Left Creative Communications was originally founded by Markian Tarasiuk and Amy Lynn Strilchuk in early 2018. The pair came up with the original name and vision for the company: a communications (non) agency for artists and innovators. Markian and Amy found there was a gap in the entertainment industry in marketing services specifically designed for arts organizations needs. The Art Left was created as a response to this gap - offering extremely high quality, affordable marketing services for artists and their organizations. The two built up the name and reputation of the Art Left in Vancouver and established the company as a leader in arts marketing in Western Canada.

Amy Lynn Strilchuk was appointed the General Manager of Touchstone Theatre in the fall of 2018, so the Art Left shifted its focus solely to content creation.

The Art Left Creative Group

For years Markian and Ryan collaborated separately on many projects since 2017. Ryan's company, Chicknscratch Productions, was looking for a rebrand and Markian was figuring out the direction of The Art Left. The two, along with Jordan Lloyd Watkins, combined their companies to create The Art Left Creative Group. The wealth of experience shared by the three individuals is vast, working for nearly every professional theatre company in the greater Vancouver area.

The Art Left creates high quality content mainly for arts and entertainment companies. Markian, Ryan and Jordan each come from a professionally trained theatre background. This experience allows The Art Left to fully understand the needs of its clients. The Art Left works hard to strive for the highest standard, while in keeping within budgets.